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About Us

Reliable Payment Services provides point of sale and payment processing solutions to brick & mortar and e-commerce businesses, practices, and non-profit entities throughout Nebraska and neighboring states. 

Paying with a Credit Card

At Reliable we have a sharp focus on customer service and price transparency, so we did away with the 2-3 year contracts, cancellation fees, monthly service charges, withholdings of cash reserves, 1-800 numbers to an outsourced call center, and any of those nickel and dime charges that can't be explained even if you ask. We offer direct customer service relationships, with month-to-month contracts that are free of cancellation fees, and our full processing fee is plainly stated at the top of each monthly statement.


Our experienced staff focuses on a transition that is seamless and full-service, whether that be through a single terminal, a point of sale system or even a gateway onto your website. We can most often integrate our payment processing directly into existing sites and systems , and are also partners with a variety of point-of-sale systems to help create a customized solution should you feel it time to upgrade your hardware.


Local.  Personal.  Reliable.

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